How Canada is Staying Green

All over the world, people are understanding the importance of being “green”, or environmentally-friendly. Canada is a country that is doing its part to be eco-friendly, and in this article, we will discuss many of the practices Canada has adopted to stay, or become, green.

One such way that Canadians have become eco-friendly is by renovating their homes to be as green as possible. Proper insulation, as well as cutting back on the amount of water that is used is great for the environment, as well as for the utility bill! Lots of Canadians have also installed new windows into their homes that let more light in, which helps keep temperatures more stable inside the home.

Another way that Canada can boast the description of a clean country is that up to 79% of its electrical power comes from non-greenhouse gas-spewing sources. In regards to the different sources of energy they install, wind energy is the most promoted. What a way to stay eco-friendly!

Another way that Canadians are staying green is by walking to work instead of driving. More and more commuters are hoofing it to their place of business, which is much better on the environment versus driving to work. Over the span of five years, a study found that 6.3% of Canadians were walking to work, compared to 5.7% half of a decade previously.

Vancouver, a city in Canada, is one of the world’s greenest cities. And in the city of Montreal, artists are invited and implored to go through the trash found there and use it in their artwork. Not only does this help to cut back on waste, but it turns something that would otherwise be thrown away and treated as refuse into something lovely and fun to look at!

Canada has already taken many steps to become (and stay!) a green, environmentally-friendly country. As a whole, the country has taken steps for the future to make sure the environment stays healthy, and well taken care of. The world would certainly be a better place if we all took a page from Canada’s book, and put the environment as top priority.

So what can we do? Examine our homes, and see if we can cut back on electricity or water usage. Is it possible to walk to work instead of drive? If not, perhaps we can carpool with those we work with. Take it one step at a time. Every little bit helps the environment!

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